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We provide up-to-date information on production, consumption, demand, and export-import scenario of important metals like steel, aluminum and nickel in national and international markets through our blogs on the metal industry.

To provide the accurate information, our team of industry experts closely follows the developments taking place in the global metal industry. We thoroughly study the factors impacting the metal industry to give relevant and updated information in our blogs.

Indian Gold & Diamond Trade Shining Despite Global Financial Volatility
Nov 03, 2008 - Despite global financial crisis, Indian gold and diamond import and export is climbing up, primarily due to wedding and festive season. According to Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council, regardless of the worldwide
Brazilian Steel Industry Gleaming, Production Climbed 7.3%
Nov 01, 2008 - The output of steel in Brazil reached 28 Million Tonnes during January-September 2008 due to the increased domestic civil construction and rise in exports of semi-finished products. As per Brazilian Steel Institute, the bulk
Global Steel Production Shine 5.7% as Investment Intensified
Sep 22, 2008 - The global steel production jumped 5.7% in the first half of 2008 against January-June 2007 due to high demand in developing countries and strong investment. As per the International Iron and Steel Institute (IISI),
China - Steel Industry Shining Bright, Output Upped 12.5% in H12008
Sep 10, 2008 - The steel product output in China surged to 300 Million Tonnes in H1 2008; resultantly, the investors will register high profits in the backdrop of strong growth. National Bureau of Statistics reveals that the steel product
Vietnam Recorded Rise in Production & Consumption despite High Prices
Sep 06, 2008 - Despite a rise in prices of steel ingot, an increase was observed in the production and consumption of steel in H1 2008 in Vietnam. The Ministry of Industry and Trade revealed that in spite of a rise in prices of steel ingot, an
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