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We provide up-to-date information on production, consumption, demand, and export-import scenario of important metals like steel, aluminum and nickel in national and international markets through our blogs on the metal industry.

To provide the accurate information, our team of industry experts closely follows the developments taking place in the global metal industry. We thoroughly study the factors impacting the metal industry to give relevant and updated information in our blogs.

China At The Helm Of Steel Price Inflation
May 09, 2007 - Steel prices across the world are rapidly rising due to a combination of factors including higher consumption in China and increasing prices of raw materials and energy. A report published by RNCOS entitled “ China Steel
China Set to Become a Net Exporter of Steel
May 03, 2007 - China reverses trend as steel exports go up and imports decline and China's top steel manufacturer "Boasteel" is expecting China to be a net exporter of steel in 2006. Owing to stronger prices of steel worldwide,
Piling Steel Stockpiles Raise Concerns
May 03, 2007 - Mounting supplies of steel and weak demand have raised concerns over glut & declining prices in the US. Steel supplies are mounting up in warehouses in US, resulting in concerns over excessive production & a decline in
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