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Amidst the rising number of chronic and infectious diseases, the healthcare industry is constantly working to develop news ways to serve the patients. We analyze these recent developments in the healthcare industry and critically evaluate their future implications in our healthcare industry blogs.

Our healthcare industry blogs subsume latest information on such sectors as pharmaceutical, vaccine, biotechnology and generics.

People Dying Worldwide due to Poor Hygien
Jan 16, 2008 - Hundred of thousands of people die every year worldwide due to poor quality of water and bad sanitation facilities. The problem will become darker if appropriate measures are not taken. According to UN health officials, lives of
New Medical Network Reform Plan for China
Jan 11, 2008 - The new medical reform plan would help patients and medical institutions in China to meet their needs and would provide a framework of basic Medicare network. A new reform plan for the medical system was released by China in the
Additional Labor Required to Fight Avian Influenza
Jan 04, 2008 - Deadly disease bird flu has become a menace and a need for an effective vaccine is what the world needs, which can only be possible through adequate funding. Additional funding is required to cope up with the worldwide menace of
Scientist Showing Concern over Upcoming Nanotechnology
Jan 02, 2008 - Nanotechnology has been a major cause of concern for scientists as more and more consumer products are using this technology to manufacture goods that can pose health and environmental hazards. Anonymous human health and other
WHO Chief Appeals for Low-cost Drugs for the Poor
Dec 07, 2007 - The WHO has called upon its member countries to figure out ways to make low cost drugs available to the diseased in poor countries, despite regulatory and profit contentions from pharmaceutical firms. World Health Organization
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