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Amidst the rising number of chronic and infectious diseases, the healthcare industry is constantly working to develop news ways to serve the patients. We analyze these recent developments in the healthcare industry and critically evaluate their future implications in our healthcare industry blogs.

Our healthcare industry blogs subsume latest information on such sectors as pharmaceutical, vaccine, biotechnology and generics.

New Rules to Check Medicare Fraud
Feb 06, 2008 - Rampant fraud practices by medical equipment suppliers in the US medical sector have resulted in severe losses for the government compelling it to initiate new rules to check them. The US Department of Health and Human Services
SA - Health Minister Asks Hospitals Not to Raise Tariffs
Feb 01, 2008 - The proposed price increase in the tariffs of the private hospital groups is affecting the growth of the industry and people below poverty line would suffer the most. The Health Minister of South Africa, Dr Manto
Ontario Announced $150 Million Investment in Biotech Industry
Jan 28, 2008 - Ontario’s provincial government announced investment of $150 Million in the biopharmaceutical industry to attract research and development, which ultimately boost the economy of the province. The Provincial Government of
Health Screening Programme in UK Aims at Disease Prevention
Jan 22, 2008 - Gordon Brown has recently declared his government’s plans to initiate a National Health Screening programme for male Brits to fight the life threatening diseases. The British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, on January 7,
Philippines Passed Cheaper Medical Bill
Jan 19, 2008 - The Philippines passed a new medical bill that would give power to the government to decide the maximum retail price of drugs. It would also help in the health industry’s growth in the country. As per the news published by
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