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Amidst the rising number of chronic and infectious diseases, the healthcare industry is constantly working to develop news ways to serve the patients. We analyze these recent developments in the healthcare industry and critically evaluate their future implications in our healthcare industry blogs.

Our healthcare industry blogs subsume latest information on such sectors as pharmaceutical, vaccine, biotechnology and generics.

Production of Bird Flu Vaccine Expected to Rise, Says WHO
Nov 19, 2007 - WHO said major vaccine manufacturers increased the production for flu vaccines to almost 4.5 Billion doses every year as the bird flu has already claimed many people’s lives around the world. WHO (World Health
Bright Future in Store for India's Biotech Industry
Jul 01, 2007 - India has bright future in biotech industry and it possesses the potential to transform into one of the biggest global biotech players by 2010. " Indian Biotechnology Market Outlook (2006) ", a RNCOS report, states
It's Boom Time For China's Biotechnology
Jul 01, 2007 - It's boom time for China's biotechnology as China's traditional superiority in alternative medicine and progress in biotechnology is capable of extending industry with other countries. Bernama published news relating to the
China's Pharmaceutical Sector On Its Way Up
Jul 01, 2007 - Cina has grabbed 90 percent of the U.S. market for vitamin C in a year moving almost every enterprise out of business, as per the news published on Chinese pharmaceutical firms have dominance over major part of
Singapore Is One Of The Best Places For Medical Tourism In ASIA
Jul 01, 2007 - The most favorite place of tourism in Asia is Singapore. This small country is going to form a big hum of health care services in world, thus it becomes leading business hub in Asia. Initially the health care system of Singapore
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