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Our food industry blogs provide comprehensive information on rapidly growing global food market and its various segments.

Our experts track the global and/or regional food market to provide recent news discussing current developments, happenings and issues, and suggesting corrective measures to industry players.

The food industry blogs cover information on various sub-segments of food industry, like food processing, baby food, organic food, farm & dairy products, livestock & poultry, and meat & wine.

UN Considering to Rationing Food Aid
Apr 07, 2008 - The UN will review its rationing system in view of escalating food prices in the international market to help poor people in developing and under-developing countries. According to the Josette Sheeran, Executive Director of
US Emerging as Largest Wine Consumer
Feb 21, 2008 - The US is emerging as the world’s biggest market for imported wine as gen-next of the country is not hesitating to try new tastes. America soon will be overriding other countries in terms of per capita wine consumption, as
Food Prices in Germany Rose Significantly Last Year
Feb 18, 2008 - Rising food prices in Germany has prompted the government to intensify its measures to curb the inflating prices. Major reasons for high food prices are using raw material for energy production. Juergen Abraham, Chairman of the
Beijing will Set Up Food Safety Monitoring Center
Feb 05, 2008 - To provide clean and safe food to visitors during Olympics, Beijing is taking every necessary action. It has decided to set up food safety center at games venues and would intensify the inspection process. The Beijing Municipal
Commodity Product Prices Could Rise to 30%, Says Saudi Arabia Govt.
Jan 31, 2008 - Food product prices could rise to 30% in Saudi Arabia this year because of mismatch in supply and demand, migration of workers from agriculture to non-agriculture sector and decline in the US dollar. Prices of essential
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