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Our food industry blogs provide comprehensive information on rapidly growing global food market and its various segments.

Our experts track the global and/or regional food market to provide recent news discussing current developments, happenings and issues, and suggesting corrective measures to industry players.

The food industry blogs cover information on various sub-segments of food industry, like food processing, baby food, organic food, farm & dairy products, livestock & poultry, and meat & wine.

France - Food Industry Appears Recession-Proof
May 11, 2009 - Food industry of France, opposite to most of the industries worldwide, is performing quite appreciably, with organic food consumers not showing any signs of cutting down their consumption. President of ANIA (Association
Australian Wine Export to China & Hong Kong Rising
May 04, 2009 - Australia has recently signed pacts with China and Hong Kong, clearing the way for its wine industry to increase penetration in these growing markets. The growing wine export from Australia to China and Hong Kong will get a new
Indian Vegetable Oil Imports Rose 28% in Mar 2009
Apr 28, 2009 - Imports of vegetable oil increased 28% in March 2009 due to poor kharif crop as well as holding up of stocks by farmers anticipating for the increase in prices. As per the news published by Business Line , the imports of
China - National Food Safety Commission Gets Approval
Apr 06, 2009 - A new food safety legislation passed in China will raise the level of supervision and impose the penalties on culprits, thereby controlling the mounting tainted food scams. China has recently approved a new legislation to
Organic Food Gaining Popularity among US Citizens
Apr 04, 2009 - The US organic food sales have witnessed staggering growth in the last ten years due to changing consumer lifestyle, wide range of variety and easy availability. Aligning its manufacturer survey statistics for 2008 which is
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