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Our food industry blogs provide comprehensive information on rapidly growing global food market and its various segments.

Our experts track the global and/or regional food market to provide recent news discussing current developments, happenings and issues, and suggesting corrective measures to industry players.

The food industry blogs cover information on various sub-segments of food industry, like food processing, baby food, organic food, farm & dairy products, livestock & poultry, and meat & wine.

Jamaican Food Processing Industry Tremendously Capable
Jul 07, 2009 - Food processing industry of Jamaica is capable to earn US$500 Million annually but for this concentrated efforts by the industry are required. Minister of Finance and Public Service, Audley Shaw, revealed that the Jamaican food
Agriculture Sector Shows Strong Resistance against Recession
Jul 03, 2009 - The agriculture sector is performing well compared too other industries in recession owing to high food demand, emerging biofuel markets and economic recovery. According to the Annual Agriculture Outlook report prepared by the
India’s Marine Products Demand Rising Despite Recession
Jun 09, 2009 - With good demand in the overseas markets and changing consumption patterns in the Japanese market, exports of seafood from India are expected to continue growing despite recession. Indian exporters and officials have noticed
Domestic Demand Boosting Indonesia’s Food Sales
Jun 04, 2009 - The Indonesian food and beverages industry is largely benefited by the domestic market, due to which sales are estimated to surge 8.6% during January-June 2009. According to Thomas Darmawan, the Chairman of the Indonesian Food
India’s Vegetable Oil Imports Rose Two-fold in April 09
May 25, 2009 - India's vegetable oil imports witnessed over two-fold year-on-year increase in April 2009 due to poor oilseeds production, decline in cooking oil prices worldwide and zero import duty structure. India's vegetable oil imports
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