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Our food industry blogs provide comprehensive information on rapidly growing global food market and its various segments.

Our experts track the global and/or regional food market to provide recent news discussing current developments, happenings and issues, and suggesting corrective measures to industry players.

The food industry blogs cover information on various sub-segments of food industry, like food processing, baby food, organic food, farm & dairy products, livestock & poultry, and meat & wine.

Indian Food Processing Industry Poised for Phenomenal Growth
Nov 21, 2007 - Food processing in India gets a fillip with burgeoning exports, backed by her sound agricultural base. Also, increased investments will make India a global hub for food exports. The food processing industry of India is
Food Retailers in Russia Consented on Price Fixing
Nov 19, 2007 - Retailers in Russia agreed to fix their prices at the current level and limit their mark-ups to 10% on prices of food items that are increasing. As per Alexei Gordeyev, Russia’s Agriculture Minister, main food products
Russia Asking for More Thai Food
Oct 26, 2007 - Russia is transforming its needs and styles. Russians are demanding for international tastes so Thai food-makers have a great opportunity to cash in by supplying products that are in short supply. The senior officials said on
Organic Food Taking Britain By Storm
Jul 03, 2007 - The future looks bright for sales of organic food in the UK with a growing number of consumers developing a taste for these foods. Supermarket chains are mainly responsible for driving this growth. News on Business Scotsman
US Firms To Invest in Indian Food Processing Industry
Jul 03, 2007 - In spite of being the largest producer of milk and the second largest producer of fruits and vegetable, India’s food-processing sector still lags behind. But, the government has made it top priority to commercialize the
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