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Rising energy prices have resulted in the need for updated information on developments taking place in the energy sector at global and regional level. Keeping this in view, we provide cutting edge information on energy sector, fuel cell, LNG, power, oil & gas, coal and photovoltaic through our energy industry blogs.

Australia Too Focusing on Geothermal Industry
Apr 30, 2009 - Realizing the tremendous potential of geothermal energy in Australia, government has announced an investment of A$14 Million in an attempt to develop its nascent geothermal power sector. The government of Australia noted that it
Brazilian Oil Industry Remains Profitable Despite Slowdown
Apr 20, 2009 - Brazil's oil industry will remain profitable even at current price levels, as enough oil production is ensured by the discovery of large oil deposits in Santos basin. According to the Energy and Mines Minister of Brazil, Edison
Global Photovoltaic Grew 5.5 GW in 2008
Apr 11, 2009 - Photovoltaic market across the world grew to approx. 5.5 GW in 2008 as a result of higher demand and government investments in the sector. The European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) has revealed that the global solar
Renewable Energy can Meet 35% of India?s Energy Demand
Apr 09, 2009 - Renewable energy sector is capable of meeting 35% of the energy demand in India, provided all renewable energy technologies are integrated in the mainstream. According to a report released by Greenpeace on March 24, 2009 in New
Global Wind Power Capacity Anticipates to Triple by 2013
Apr 02, 2009 - Wind energy sector around the world is predicted to grow in future due to expansion in the Chinese, North American and European wind sectors. According to the 2009 industry forecast by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC),
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