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Rising energy prices have resulted in the need for updated information on developments taking place in the energy sector at global and regional level. Keeping this in view, we provide cutting edge information on energy sector, fuel cell, LNG, power, oil & gas, coal and photovoltaic through our energy industry blogs.

Global Clean Industry Grew 40% Last Year
May 05, 2008 - Sales recorded by the clean energy industry increased by 40% last year and will continue to rise as demand of carbon-free energy is rising, says a market research . Clean Edge, a research company that analyzes green technology
Irish Government to Invest ?90 Million in Clean Energy Sector
Apr 07, 2008 - The Irish government has planned to invest €90 Million in the R&D of clean energy to meet the growing domestic energy demand and to secure resources for future economic growth. The Irish government has decided to invest
Japan - Gasoline Demand Slumped, Fuel Export Reached Record High
Mar 04, 2008 - Gasoline demand in Japan has been declining for past two years due to increasing fuel prices but export of refined products is increasing and touched record high in 2007. The demand for gasoline in Japan declined for the
Booming Biofuel Industry in Iowa Takes Toll on Food Prices
Feb 25, 2008 - The boom in the biofuel industry in Iowa is evident but it has created concerns about increasing food prices as corn is used to produce ethanol. A study accomplished by the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association titled,
US Geothermal Industry Picking up Heat
Feb 22, 2008 - G eothermal energy projects are thriving in the US because of government support. This augmentation will further assist the country in satisfying the increasing energy requirements. The Geothermal Energy Association (GEA)
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