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Rising energy prices have resulted in the need for updated information on developments taking place in the energy sector at global and regional level. Keeping this in view, we provide cutting edge information on energy sector, fuel cell, LNG, power, oil & gas, coal and photovoltaic through our energy industry blogs.

US Wind Energy Industry Blowing Full Force
Aug 08, 2008 - The US wind energy industry grew by 46% in 2007 due to tax cut, strong government support and urgency to adopt clean energy sources to fight global warming. The US Department of Energy (DoE) said that the US wind power capacity
Global Wind Energy Industry to Blow 107,000 MW Energy by 2017
Aug 08, 2008 - The global wind energy industry is expected to produce 107,000 MW energy by 2017 as the industry is getting strong government support, huge investment and subsidies. According to DEWI, a wind energy institute in Germany, the
Petrol Demand in UK Shrank by 20%, Says IEA
Aug 06, 2008 - A decline is being witnessed in fuel sales in Britain as the petrol demand in the country slashed by about 20% in May 2008 over May 2007, says IEA. As per the International Energy Agency (IEA), petrol retailers in the UK have
Singapore Petrochemical Industry Experienced 21% Growth Rate in 2007
Jul 05, 2008 - The Singapore petrochemical industry experienced an annual growth of 21% last year due to strong government support, huge reserves of Ethane and Naphtha and rising domestic demand. Singapore Chemical Industry Council said that
Electricity Bills Set to Soar High in Australia
Jul 04, 2008 - Power bills in Australia are set to triple by 2020 as the country switches to renewable energy sources and see a complete phase out of coal-powered thermal power stations by 2030. Electricity prices in Australia are expected to
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