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With the technology changing faster than ever and innovations and new technologies being added every day, it has become vital to keep a track to keep a check on the electronics industry. We make this task easier by outlining every development in the electronics industry in our blogs.

We closely analyze the implementation of key technologies such as CCTV, Smart Card, Biometrics and Access Control globally and study their performance in our electronics industry blogs.

Indian Software & Service Industry to Grow 21-24% in 2008-09
Sep 03, 2008 - The software and services revenue in India is expected to grow between 21 and 24% during 2008-09 on account of improving efficiency and increasing productivity. The National Association of Software and Services Companies
Malaysia - Electronics Sales to Grow Marginally in H2 2008
Sep 03, 2008 - The Malaysian American Electronics Industry is expected to see a marginal growth in sales this year due to slowdown in the global economy and uncertain market. The Malaysian American Electronics Industry (MAEI) is likely to see
China - Software Industry Hitting Stride, Emerged as Fourth Largest
Aug 28, 2008 - Chinese software industry has emerged as the fourth largest in the world on account of strong government support, favorable business environment and growth of other industries. An Official from the Ministry of Industry and
Global Consumer Electronics Industry to Clock in $700 Billion by 2009
Aug 23, 2008 - The global consumer electronic products sales is expected to reach $700 Billion by 2009 owing to rising popularity of mobile products and technological advancement. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) said that the
Vietnamese Electronics Industry Expects to Grow Rapidly in Future
Jul 07, 2008 - The Vietnamese electronics industry is expected to earn $ 4-6 Billion by 2010 by increasing export, manufacturing lucrative products and reducing cost. Nguyen Tan Dung, Prime Minister, Vietnam, has encouraged the master plan to
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