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With the technology changing faster than ever and innovations and new technologies being added every day, it has become vital to keep a track to keep a check on the electronics industry. We make this task easier by outlining every development in the electronics industry in our blogs.

We closely analyze the implementation of key technologies such as CCTV, Smart Card, Biometrics and Access Control globally and study their performance in our electronics industry blogs.

Taiwan’s Semiconductor Industry Records Fastest YOY Growth
Jan 06, 2010 - Taiwan’s semiconductor manufacturing equipment billings has posted the fastest year-on-year growth in the backdrop of inflating demand for electronic devices worldwide. Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International
Entry Level Models Drive 9% Growth in Smartphones Next Year
Jan 01, 2010 - The sales of Smartphones are anticipated to jump 9% next year on account of strong demand from China and Russia and low price of entry level models. According to Gartner, the sales of Smartphones are expected to rise 9% next
China – LED TV Sales Expect to Reach 4 Million Next Year
Dec 31, 2009 - The sales of LED TVs in China will quadruple in 2010 over the last year (2009) to reach the figure of 4 Million units. As per the projection of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, the sales of “LED TV” (LCD TV with
Indian Software Industry Rebounds as Economy Recovers
Dec 18, 2009 - Despite stiff competition from the emerging IT markets, the sound and competent Indian IT market will continue to attract overseas businesses offering comparatively low prices. The Indian software industry is reviving with the
South Korean Electronics Sector to Invest 4 Trillion Won in Developing LED
Dec 06, 2009 - South Korean electronic industry is planning to invest 4 Trillion won to develop its LED technologies. According to the government officials, over the next three years, the electronic industry in South Korea plans to invest 4
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