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Turkish Medical Tourism Market Has Huge Growth Potential
Jun 02, 2010

Turkey’s medical tourism market, if promoted effectively on global level, has potential to become double its size.

As per the statement of Levent Bas, the general manager of Turkish medical tourism consulting firm Gusib, Turkish medical tourism market could become double its current size provided an effective promotion campaign is launched, reported Today’s Zaman on May 16 2010.

Every year, nearly 3.5 to 4 Million people visit abroad for the purpose of medical treatment. Turkey’s share among the medical tourism destinations is 3% and it attracts nearly 100,000 medical tourists, which include those of Turkish origin living abroad.

In 2010, the country is anticipating a growth of roughly 10% from the previous year. But if strong promotion campaign is launched, then this year-on-year growth could even go beyond 30%.

As far as future development of the medical tourism in Turkey is concerned, Levent Bas said that it has tremendous potential in this regard, as the country has the second highest number of hospitals in the world with Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation, US being the No. 1.

Moreover, the country enjoys a well-developed infrastructure for performing world-class medical treatments. The factor that goes in favor of the Turkey’s medical tourism industry is the most affordable treatment prices that it offers in comparison to its rivals like Thailand and India. The bypass surgery that costs US$ 11,000 in Thailand and US$ 10,000 in India can be undertaken in Turkey at US$ 9,500 only.

In addition to this, there are many specialty hospitals and well-qualified doctors in the country that perform aesthetic surgical treatments. Turkish spas and resorts also offer a wide array of healing packages to patients. The weather conditions and beautiful landscapes of the country are just ideal from the perspective of post-operative recovery.

A market research report “Emerging Medical Tourism in Turkey” by RNCOS projects that the increasing medical tourist arrivals to Turkey will propel the country’s health tourism market to reach nearly US$ 2 Billion by 2012 from around US$ 500 Million in 2008.

To exploit the huge potential of the country’s medical tourism industry, government incentives are much required, especially a reduction in value added tax.

According to a Research Analyst at RNCOS, “Medical tourism industry in Turkey has been experiencing considerable growth for the past few years. If the country’s potentials in this field are promoted effectively, then the industry could become a significant contributor to the Turkish economy.”

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