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Malaysia: Perfect Destination to Cure Middle East Medical Tourists
May 01, 2010

Malaysia, a promising nation for medical tourism, needs to concentrate more on fostering its marketing strategies entice Middle East patients in the midst of still competition among Asian countries.

More and more hospitals in Malaysia shall get themselves licensed with the applicable professional entities, said Datuk Ooi, CEO, Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council-MHTC. This is because being licensed would facilitate the attempts to promote the services of those hospitals abroad, including the Middle East, as per the news published by BERNAMA on April 15, 2010.

Nearly 374,000 medical tourists visited Malaysia in the year 2008 contributing around RM300 Million to the county’s reserves. The aim for the year 2010 was an increase of 30% increase in medical tourist arrival number over the year earlier, 2009. However, the figures of 2009 were yet being finalized.

A new market research report named “Malaysia Medical Tourism Outlook 2012”, by RNCOS forecasts that nearly 714000 medical tourists are projected to visit the country by 2012. Further, total industry revenues are also expected to experience double-digit growth, possible reaching US$ 181 Million by 2012.

In the meantime, the CEO said that majority of medical tourists in the country visit from the ASEAN region. However, he added, Malaysia is quite keen to expand its market.

Being a member of Organization of Islamic Conference-OIC, and a moderate Islamic nation, Malaysia appeals patients from the Middle East a lot as the country is in a position to provide healthcare services that best suit the Muslim populace. During 2008, the amount of patients coming from the Middle East has gradually increased with the arrival of nearly 11,000 Middle East patients.

Furthermore, the country’s proficiency in medical treatments is on par with several western countries. The meet the world demand, the Malaysian medical authorities are working on upgrading amenities and services, while assuring that the country has an adequate pool of medical expertise.

The government of Malaysia is also on the move to draw visitors from Middle East. A number of governments in the Middle East were backing medical and healthcare treatment for their subjects.

According to a Research Analyst at RNCOS, “As far as the sphere of medical tourism is concerned, there exists a cutthroat competition among Asian nations. India, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand are the major regional competitors in the field of medical tourism. Hence, to pull in more arrivals, the focus of Malaysia shall rest on marketing strategies among other aspects.”

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