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Qatar - Tourists? Favorite Spot for Trade and Commerce
Apr 26, 2010

Qatar, the tourists’ most preferred destination for trade, conferences and business meetings, although stands at second spot in MENA region, needs to work more to secure the top spot globally.

According to the annual Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report for 2009 recently published by the World Economic Forum, Qatar scored the second spot in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) for competitive global tourism. Also, the country stands 37th in the world, as per the news published by zawya.

This second position of the country is mainly due to the numerous significant benefits that attract tourists to visit Qatar. One of the advantages is the secure and accessible environment for which the country stands at the ninth spot in the world. Then, the accessibility of highly qualified human resources makes Qatar to rank 22nd globally in terms of qualified human capital.

Besides this, Qatar provides excellent infrastructure for tourism as well as for air transport. These factors also contribute to the industry’s growth.

The State of Qatar has upheld the 37th rank worldwide for the second year consecutively. The index for regulatory and legal framework and the indicators for business and infrastructure environment have significantly improved due to the efforts made in these areas in the country.

Furthermore, Qatar is also considered as an excellent place for events and meetings in the Gulf region. Over 90% of the travelers visit the country for trade, business, and conferences.

Qatar’s tourism sector is projected to continue with its 6% annual revenue growth this year also. Also, the Qatar government anticipates attracting 1.4 Million visitors by 2010. In 2007, the tourist arrivals to the country stood at 780,000. Moreover, by constructing a new $11 Billion airport, the Qatar government aspires to increase traffic through the country. This airport will have the capability to handle nearly 50 Million passengers annually, when it is completely ready to operate in 2015.

If we consider the government’s efforts and steps to make the sector flourish, the future outlook of the Qatar transport industry seems promising. Some programs were recently introduced and executed for training and cooperation all over the Qatar tourism sector.

According to a Research Analyst at RNCOS, “Though various factors are backing Qatar’s tourism industry, the country still needs to attain the top rank, and to accomplish this goal, transportation infrastructure needs to be enhanced. Moreover, the global ranking will improve if Qatar works on relaxing its visa policies and encouraging private investments.”

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