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Poland ? An Emerging Medical Tourism Hub
Apr 01, 2010

The Polish medical tourism industry has been rapidly growing on the back of accession to the European Union and lower treatment cost from other countries.

As per the estimates given by the Polish Association of Medical Tourism, nearly 300,000 – 330,000 foreign patients come to Poland every year and spend an average of 4,500 zloty (Euro 1,156) on dental and voluntary medical procedures, as reported by

Medical tourism has been consistently growing in Poland for the past few years and it becomes a well recognized medical tourism hub in Europe. The acceptance of European Union could be attributed to the phenomenal growth of Poland’s medical tourism industry. Moreover, the accession of this international organization has created awareness in European countries about Poland’s ability to provide excellent healthcare services.

Medical services in Poland could be accessed through health institutions and clinics equipped with modern facilities and equipments which match with the standards of Western European countries.

The cost benefit is one of the key factors fostering growth in the medical tourism. The cost of surgeries is significantly lower than other countries in the region. For instance – the cost of treating Root Canal ailment in German hospitals range between €45.00 and €173.00 whereas Poland treats the same ailment within €38.50- €78.00, an average savings of 15%-55%.

The geographic location of Poland also gives it an edge over other medical tourism destinations like India and South Korea since European prefer to travel nearby country instead of going far distance. The country also offers cheap train and air travel option to patients from any part of Europe. Thus, medical tourists from European countries primarily from the United Kingdom, Germany and Scandinavian countries look for inexpensive medical treatment at Polish healthcare clinics.

Another important factor contributing to the upsurge of medical tourism industry is the value of domestic currency. This indicates that Poland is a competitive market in terms of selling its medical tourism services and attracting tourists.

As per a Research Analyst at RNCOS, “The Polish medical tourism market has tremendous growth potential, but there are certain areas that the country has to focus on. The first problem is a lack of international accreditation (for example – JCI) in the majority of clinics and hospitals. Besides, medical staff is not well versed with English and face difficulty while communicating with patients. If the country gets success in overcoming these problems, then the sector will touch new heights in coming years.”

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