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Smartphone Shipments Marked Significant Growth in 2009
Mar 04, 2010

With consumers looking for increased utility handsets and vendors’ strategies to boost sales, smartphone sales recorded 15% growth in 2009.
According to latest statistics from IDC, shipments of converged mobile devices touched record height for a single quarter (Q4 2009), with total sales of 54.5 Million Units during October-December 2009, reported velti. This reflects an increase of 39% against the corresponding period in 2008.
Overall, vendors shipped 174 Million smartphones in 2009; representing 15% increase from 151 Million Units shipped in 2008, showed IDC statistics. Besides this, 15% of all mobile handsets shipped in 2009 comprised smartphones, up from the preceding year’s 12.7%.
Among the top five-smartphone vendors, four outdid their own single quarter shipment records in Q4 2009. Apple strengthened its position in smartphone field with its iPhone smartphone sales surging 98% over the last quarter of 2008. Thus, Apple has now become the third largest smartphone vendor, after Nokia and Research in Motion.
It is noted that strategies of mobile phone vendors to increase sales boosted the smartphone sales in 2009. The price cuts introduced by them build a perfect platform to drive sales to the record mark.
Apart from this, buyers are also getting attracted towards the features and functionality of these handsets. They are looking for higher utility beyond simple messaging and telephony, and the need is best fulfilled by converged mobile devices.
Introduction of Google’s Android and Palm WebOS heavily influenced the sales of smartphones in 2009 by offering increased functionality to users. In the current year, increased smartphone demand is anticipated to result in new shipment records, particularly keeping in view the expected Windows Mobile and Symbian operating systems upgrades. Smartphone shipments are projected to reach 280 Million Units by 2012, says a leading market research firm RNCOS in its industry research report titled “Consumer Electronics Market Forecast to 2012”.
According to a Research Analyst at RNCOS, “As penetration of smartphones worldwide is low, there remains a huge market for these devices. In coming times, prices are expected to decline with increasing competition between vendors that, in turn, will result in increased sales.”
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