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Hybrid Cars Manufacturers See High Growth Potential in UAE
Jan 07, 2010

The UAE presents high growth environments to the leading hybrid cars manufacturers who have expressed confidence on its potential and optimistic about bright future.

Auto manufacturers believe that the United Arab Emirates has immense potential for hybrid cars and a large number of companies have already geared up to launch their eco-friendly vehicles there, as reported by

The strong confidence of auto manufacturers on the UAE market is accredited to high demand for green vehicles and new luxurious models that have caught attention of people willing to invest money in assets.

Kepler Motors launched its motion supercar on December 15, 2009 in Dubai. The car is known for its high performance in the green car category and has created a lot of enthusiasm among customers with its luxurious model and high power. Besides, LS 600hL, a fully hybrid model, was also hit the UAE market in December 2009. 

Germany’s premium carmaker, BMW, also marked its presence in the UAE with new hybrid model BMW Active Hybrid X6 that embodies features of both the performance and luxury car.

Government’s continuous efforts to bring in new pollution free technology in order to curb pollutants emitted from the existing vehicles and improving the transport infrastructure have also pushed the hybrid vehicles market in the UAE.

The roadmap of introducing hybrid vehicles in the country actually laid down in 2007 when General Motors and Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) signed an agreement for an evaluation program to bring hybrid vehicles in the Middle East. The agreement included a comprehensive evaluation of local market for GM’s Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid and Chevrolet Tahoe Two-Mode Hybrid in order to make the region having one the largest fleets of hybrid vehicles.

The agreement had shown accord of Dubai RTA, General Motors and the Government of Dubai to reduce the pollution impact on environment from oil fuels even in those regions that have abundance of oil sources.

According to a Research Analyst at RNCOS, “People are not going for savings; they actually want new technology. Hybrid cars have caught attention of people in the UAE although prices and ownership cost are quite high. As many new models of hybrid cars have been introduced in the UAE, the market holds immense growth potential.”

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