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Oman - Tourism Industry to Record Magnificent Growth in Future
Aug 06, 2008

The travel and tourism industry of Oman is expected to witness spectacular growth in near future with rise in its contribution to GDP, says WTTC.

The WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council) has revealed that the tourism industry of Oman is expected to witness a magnificent growth in near future with increase in its contribution to GDP, which is anticipated to reach about US$ 1,604.70 Million in 2018 from nearly US$ 944.08 Million in 2008, as reported by

According to WTTC, Oman’s tourism sector is forecasted to reach around US$ 8.84 Billion in 2018 from US$ 2.5 Billion in 2008. Also, the tourism sector is likely to chip in nearly US$ 1,605.20 Million (3%) by 2018 in GDP from about US$ 943.56 Million (2.1%) in 2008. The tourism industry of the country is expected to increase by around 5% per annum during 2009- 2018. Further, Oman’s tourism sector is anticipated to produce about US$ 3.5 Billion or 13.8% this year and reach nearly US$ 4.68 Billion in 2018, an increase of around 16%.

Exports are considered as the main factor for rise in contribution of tourism sector to GDP. Also, the country’s improving relations with other countries is leading to increase in business-related tourism in Oman.

Moreover, the marketing strategies of the industry are encouraging many tourists to visit the country. As part of its marketing strategy, Oman is planning to participate in Europe’s major sailing competition for the first time and this will help it in achieving its aim of becoming world’s leading tourism and investment destination.

Furthermore, the government of Oman is taking steps to preserve the country’s historical landmarks and environment to enhance its cultural heritage and protect its ecosystem from increasing number of tourists visiting the country. Thus, through eco-tourism, Oman is able to differentiate itself from other Middle Eastern countries.

A Research Analyst at
RNCOS said “Oman is the only country which, through its efforts, has given a good name to tourism industry in the Middle East. A rapid growth in the tourism sector of the country is leading to strong growth in several related sectors, including employment sector. Moreover, the growing tourism sector of Oman is providing ample growth opportunities to tourism agencies of the country.”

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