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Indian Wireless Market Growth before Schedule
Nov 26, 2007

India has achieved the target of 250 Million phone subscribers well before the schedule. India thus is upbeat for mobile market and the future target of 500 Million subscribers by 2010 looks quite feasible.

The target of 250 Million telephone connections by the world’s fastest growing wireless market, India, has been achieved two months prior to the scheduled December, said TRAI, the telecom regulator, on October 22, 2007, reported
The Hindu.

Including GSM, CDMA and fixed mobile, the total number of wireless subscriber in India is 209.08 Million with teledensity (number of phone connections as a share of the population) of 21.85% as on September 30, 2007. Also, the total telephone subscriber base reported at 248 Million.

The number of subscribers has already crossed 250 Million keeping the projections of the growth on a conservative level, indicating that the target of 500 Million subscribers by 2010 is quite feasible, said TRAI, reported Business Standard.

The teledensity has got a fillip from the increasing wireless phones across the country. The money coming from American companies that are outsourcing services to India have made differences by making items like mobile affordable to Indians. The liberal economic policies of the Indian government and the financial restructuring have also raised the level of average disposable income.

The rural sector would give more positive results in terms of growth considering merely 2% of the population is accessing mobile phones. As the businesses would expand in the rural areas, the demand would gradually rise; the demand from local business would also add into the growth. Though the concept of community-owned handset dominates, yet some individuals would own mobile phones.

The Indian mobile sector has grown tremendously with the help of the technological growth and rising competition. The rapid growth of middle class and increase in the privatization of key industries is also one of the reasons fuelling the mobile market growth. Also, the more quantity with lower cost concept contributes significantly in the successful growth of Indian mobile markets.

As per a Research Analyst at RNCOS, “India is witnessing a concrete growth in its mobile subscriber base. India, being second largest populous country, has low mobile penetration, and hence, offers good chances of growth. People in the age group of 15-64, which is also the most abundant mobile user, consist of 63% of India’s population and this is what giving India a necessary push for the growth of mobile phones”.

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