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Intel says 'Yes' to Wi-Fi Banking
Jul 01, 2007

A new private sector banking firm, the Yes Bank, has launched a wi-fi banking network for its branches in India, the first of its kind in the world.

A new private sector banking firm, the Yes Bank, has launched a wi-fi banking network for its branches, the first of its kind in the world, in collaboration with Intel Technology in India. Out of the total 30 branches of Yes bank, 20 will have Wireless local area network (WLAN) giving customers access to Internet & also conducting secure banking transactions.

John McClure of Intel in news published by Money Plans, said, that the mobility and Wireless technology provides numerous benefits to all the businesses. But security remains the priority, especially in the financial services and the banking sector.

By means of Intel Centrino technology, bank staff can get secure WLAN network within the branch's ambit. Financial advisors of the Bank will also be benefited using Centrino technology notebooks, as they will stay in touch with the bank.

"Confusion over security and standards has been a major constraint in success of WLAN industry," according "Wireless LAN Security - An Industry Outlook," a report, published by

This beginning will give the bank a much-required boost & it can play a major role in the bank’s overall development in the coming years. Also, more banks will be encouraged to install wi-fi banking networks in future.

Intel is making use of diverse security measures to guarantee safe banking. For instance, every wireless device requires to be authenticated before the network has been accessed. Internet Authentication System (IAS) & Active Directory Service (ADS) are used for this purpose.

Rana Kapoor, CEO of Yes Bank says, that the use of wireless equipment gives incredible business value. Clients can now get their account information, make transfers and do online transaction on their personal laptops in the branch itself.

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