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U.S. Retail Sales Rose By 6.3% In Sep 2006
Jun 20, 2007

US retail industry sales for the month of Sep (2006) showed a strong rise of 6.3%, according to National Retail Federation.

According to NRF (National Retail Federation), sales in retail industry for the month of Sep (2006) showed a strong rise of 6.3%, unadjusted in 2005, and increased 0.7%, adjusted seasonally from Aug (2006).

As per the data, of retail sales for the month of Sept, released by the Commerce Department of US, total retail sales slid 0.4% recurrently adjusted from Aug and rose 5.1% unadjusted annually.

For Sep, sales went up 1.1% and 3% at departmental stores & specialty clothing stores, respectively, representing the maximum growth in this category.

Gains in the sales for last month (September 2006) were mainly led by clothes & clothes accessories stores, representing a 3% rise in the sales adjusted from August and an impressive 11.9 % over the last year. Book, Sporting goods, & music stores also showed a strong growth of 1.1% from Aug 2006 and 9.1% over the year 2005.

Additionally, strong annual gains were observed at furniture & home furnishing stores (4.8 %), electronics & appliances stores (4.4 %) and general commodities stores (6.5 %).

Food & beverage stores, representing a growth of 4.7% unadjusted over the year 2005, were the sole retail industry sales category that saw a dip in per month spending. Those sales dropped by 0.3% adjusted from Aug.

As per NRF, retail industry sales are likely to increase 6.5 % this year over 2005. Holiday sales, defined as retail industry sales between Nov and Dec, are likely to increase 5 % to US $457.4 Billion.

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