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US C- store Market Grew by 3.2% in 2006
Jun 24, 2007

According tot the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), the number of C-stores (convenience stores) in US is growing rapidly.

The National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), with TDLinx, which is a service of The Nielsen Co., found out that there is an increase of 3.2% in the total number of C-stores (convenience stores) in US in the year 2006 and now has reached to 154,119, according to Cs Decisions.

The number of shops which were opened in the year 2006 was more; also the presence of non-convenience stores which fits the definition of convenience store of NACS/TDLinx played a role in this increase. These non-convenience stores are characterized by the extended working hours and at least 500 SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit).

"There's no question that consumer demand for convenience continues to increase, and this demand is leading to more stores fitting the definition of convenience stores," said Teri Richman, NACS senior vice president, research and public affairs, to Tdlinx.

The C-store industry of US is distinguished from the rest by its strong customer demand, strong economic growth, suitable demographic factors and advanced technology systems, which promises best customer service and smart security checks. Also, this industry is dominated by small and independent operators, which work as a franchise.

This market is now facing tough competitions from grocery stores, superettes, home delivery services, warehouses, chain drug stores and similar convenience shopping. With the irregular gasoline margins and frequently changing technology areas, c-stores shops in United States are facing a boom period.

Every region in US witnessed a huge rise in the total number of stores in the year 2006 and many factors contributed for this increase. The mid-Atlantic zone tops this list with an increase of 9.8%, followed by East South Central region, with a 9.7% increase. However, the South Atlantic zone remains the region, which has got most number of c-stores (31,855 stores) in US.

Research analyst at
RNCOS puts forth that for consumer purchases in US, convenience stores have now become the main source. Convenience stores will gradually transform to "grab-and-go" outlets for meeting the consumer's demand for prepared convenience goods.

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