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Post Development Of LG LSI Leads To 180-Crore Rupees Company
Jun 25, 2007

LG LSI (Life Sciences India) a biotech business has joined hands with Swiss drug manufacturers Vifor International to lead 180-Crore Rupees company.

LG LSI (Life Sciences India) a biotech business, 3-year old is developing major plants in India by setting up of research units, production plants, and by beginning of products, which are high-end through international drug leaders via marketing tie-ups.

The company has joined hands with Swiss drug manufacturers Vifor International en route for launch of an iron injection to be given intravenous & branded Venofer, that would be used in treatment of chronic kidney failures. It would be used along with a synthetic protein known as erythropoietin, which assists in the growth of RBCs or the red blood cells.

In the opinion of CEO & MD of LG LSI (Life Sciences), the drug holds for around 80 percent of the US market. It is projected that almost 1 in each 10,000 patients of the total 6-lakh with chronic renal collapse in India requires Venofer containing erythropoietin.

As per RNCOS report "Opportunities in Indian Healthcare Sector" the domestic vaccine market is presently of the range of 100 million USD and is increasing with rate of 20 percent/year. While the entire Vaccine Market was 283 million USD in 2003, it rose to 373 million USD with an average rise of 29 percent.

LG LSI wants to develop into a 180-crore rupees company by bringing into market only niche goods & the company shall also fetch goods from their own parents and also hit marketing deals through other companies.

Presently, LG Life aims on infertility, nephrology, & endocrinology. Other products sold currently include interferon alpha-2a & recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine.

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