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Parents Going Green: Embrace Organic Products For Their Babies
Jun 15, 2007

Blue and pink are passe. It's Green that's hot in the kids' market these days.

Organic products including creams, food, and clothing made without any chemicals, are increasingly attracting parents for they feel chemicals are too harsh to be used on their pristine and delicate children.

A strong following has been developed by Organic baby food during the past years, a US$ 206 Million industry last year (2005), as per the latest figures of Organic Trade Association, interest toward cleansers and organic clothes is growing as rapidly as the kids they target.

As per Anne Dorsey, who's the merchandise manager with Hanna Andersson's baby apparel, manufacturers are still paying 30%-50% extra for organic than traditionally grown cotton.

Organic fibers sales for infant clothes and cloth diapers in U.S. increased 40% from 2004 to 2005 and reached US$ 40 Million, and fiber for the child-teen market rose 52% and reached US$ 3 Million. In the meantime, organic personal-care products, comprising baby care, grew 34% and reached US$ 26 Million.

It's still unclear whether organic products offer any kind of health benefits, only the most sensitive kids may have any problem with conventional personal care products or clothing, say most experts.

Organic products apparel that typically cost higher compared to non-organic comes from the perceived health and environmental benefits, as both the cloths and produce are made with either little or no pesticides, chemicals or other irritants. This appeal seems especially significant with babies, as per Jennifer Alcorn, assistant manager in Today's Market; an organic food store in Oakmont.

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