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Pakistanís Progress Hampered In Poultry Sector
Jun 18, 2007

The poultry sector in Pakistan possesses potential for expansion with the current low levels of production. However numerous problems have made progress futile in this sector despite government support.

In the news published on
The News International, Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz on Friday June 1, 2007, gave the go-ahead to new poultry development policy for raising the annual growth of the poultry sector from the current 12 to 15-20 percent with the help of advanced technologies in production and processing.

The new poultry development policy would enable the private sector’s sustainable poultry products, providing meat, eggs and value added-products to both the domestic and international markets at competitive prices.

The Prime Minister felt that the huge potential of livestock in Pakistan was under-utilized. The government together with the provinces was therefore initiating several measures. Among these were re-orientation of public sector institutions, betterment of extension services, improved R&D facilities, availability of more resources for the sector and infrastructure development.

The government also had the intention of promoting environmentally controlled facilities for broilers and layers in addition to creation of integrated production and processing systems like value addition in the poultry sector.

In its initial years the poultry sector received government backing in different forms. The government acknowledged poultry farming, poultry processing and poultry feed as agro based food-processing industry. Incentives and concessions including partial and total exemption from import duties and sales tax, apart from income tax holiday for several years were granted.

The belief of some industry experts is that the recent years have witnessed a gradual rise in livestock products including milk, beef, mutton, poultry, meat and eggs. Given the population of 140 million and poultry consumption currently at low levels, prospects for expansion in Pakistan are immense.

A research analyst at
RNCOS points out that a relatively linear rising trend has been maintained in the poultry industry with the last five years registering an average annual growth rate of around 10-12 percent. But Pakistan’s modern poultry production is being hit by a high mortality rate for flocks and rampant disease and poor quality of day-old chicks and feed in addition to a flawed marketing system. The numerous concessions and incentives from the government have thus failed in ensuring rapid progress for the poultry industry.

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