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Orange Juice is the Best supplements for stopping Kidney Stone
Jun 25, 2007

Orange juices beat lemonade & other citrus fruits juices to help prevent kidney stones formation says new research at Dallas's University.

According to a study made at Dallas's University of Texas South Western Medical Center orange juices beat lemonade & other citrus fruits juices to help prevent kidney stones formation. Research also established that other constituents could have an effect on the juice's capability to avert stone. Experts have known since long that citrus juice have potassium citrate that can make the stone formation slow in people having a record of the order.

National Institute of Health, USA, arranged lessons where 13 volunteers with some of them having a history of kidney stone & some without it took admission in the many-phase trials. For 1 week, participating people had distilled water, for next week they had orange juice and subsequently lemonade for week after. At disposal was a 3-week time gap amidst all these weeks.

During each stage the participants had thirteen ounces of lemonade and distilled water, orange juice or 3 times an everyday along with meals. To help lower formation of stone they were put on low-oxalate & low-calcium diet.

The research revealed that juices of orange raised the citrate levels of urine & decreased crystallization of calcium oxalate and uric acid, the most general parts of kidney stone. Citrate level was not increased by lemonade. The research head said, "One cause may be the diverse components of different beverages."

He also added that the orange citrates and grapefruit citrates also contain potassium ion whereas lemonade citrates & cranberry juice carry a hydrogen ions. Whilst hydrogen ions neutralize the useful effects of soaring citrate content, ions having potassium do not.

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