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Fiji: ICT Key to Economic Growth
Jun 25, 2007

According to Fiji's Finance Ministery ICT industry is key in generating investment, growth & employment in economy in the country.

Fiji's Finance Minister, Ratu Jone Kubuabola, has acknowledged the importance of ICT (Information Communications Technology) industry in generating investment, growth & employment in economy. He said that Fiji Islands Trade & Investment Bureau is continuing its trade to Asian, American & Australian markets, encouraging investments in IT sector.

The minister said that Fiji Investment Corp. & audiovisual industry, in collaboration with private players would encourage investments in ICT, natural resources & tourism industry.

Therefore, around US$ 1.5 Million is being allocated to Fiji Audiovisual Commission for 2007, he said, expecting 9 audiovisual productions to generate about US$ 38 Million in foreign exchange.

Govt. has also allocated around US$ 5 Million for e-Government project, beginning in 2007, which will enhance service delivery & offer online access for many govt. services. The project is expected to complete by 2009.

"Fiji's ICT rankings have declined in past years & to catch up, the country needs to exploit its strengths. Strategic location of the country in Pacific & headquartering various regional organizations are the key advantages. Also, the country has a majority of English speaking, educated population which makes it a perfect outsourcing destination," said an analyst at

However, there are several challenges in front of Fiji's ICT industry. Key problems are limited infrastructure (particularly in region areas), lack of skilled & computer literate workforce, unawareness regarding ICT advantages & usage of outdated technologies.

Moreover, monopoly situation in economy is hampering Fiji's ICT growth. Fiji needs more liberalized telecommunication environment that will help in providing low price ICT services, more innovation & better quality of services.

Compared to Cape Verde & Mauritius, Fiji has a lesser telecom investment, which can be seen in quality of mobile coverage & country's transmission network. On the whole, Fijian ICT industry's below-par performance can be attributed to low economic development, high rural population, small market size & relatively higher number of islands.

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