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Farming Of Organic Food Becomes More Mainstream In UK
Jun 15, 2007

Organic food & farming has become more mainstream in UK, as producers are attracted towards premium prices whereas environmental and health issues have spurred demand among consumers.

Organic food farming was at the periphery of nationwide debate a decade ago. Now we've reached its heart, said Jonathan Dimbleby, TV journalist and Soil Association's president. Soil Association is the leading certification body of the country for organic food & farming.

"However this upsurge of public support isn't just about marketing. It's a sign of a widening and deepening concern among people about environment and health, added Dimbleby during a 2-week national event called "organic fortnight".

According to
RNCOS market research report "
World Organic Foods And Beverages Report (2006)" an estimated organic food sales in UK have crossed US $ 185.52 Million mark during 1993-94 to US $ 2.077824 Billion during 2003-04. In terms of product sectors, fruits and vegetables account for 45 percent of the total organic products sales

As per industry experts, UK is perhaps the most mature organic food market in terms of product development. Organic food is expected to entail 30 percent of all food sold in UK and total sales will likely reach US $10 Billion by the year 2010.

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