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England To Open Hi-Tech Food Production Center
Jun 24, 2007

England is to open hi-tech food production center using robotics in Yorkshire to stop food companies from moving to Eastern Europe.

England is going to open a robotics center for food production in Yorkshire to stop food companies from moving to Eastern Europe province for low-price labor force. Though the new 1.6Mn euro robotics technology center may elicit few job loses but it'll cut the flow of companies to countries like Poland and will accumulate jobs in the long-term.

At present nearly 12 companies have shown their interest in Yorkshire Forward's initiative to make food production more resourceful and cost-effective. A consortium led by the University of Salford's Centre for Robotics, including the University of Leeds Food Chain Centre of Industrial Collaboration, has won the tender.

The center is expected to open in the southern providence of Yorkshire by the end of autumn. However, the correct location will be exposed within few weeks. This'll be the first gigantic step into the robotics for the food industry that will create routine jobs.

Food & drink manager John Sorsby at Yorkshire said, this is the initial center of its kind in England. It's an ideal location because Yorkshire has major attention of food and drink companies in the country.

It'll also offer advice and training for the skillful workers, accomplish research and endorse links between the industry and college circles to help food companies to expand automatic solutions for trade troubles.

Money for this initiative, Yorkshire Forward will provide 650,000 euro and the remaining amount will be supplied by industry.

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