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China's Organic Food Market To Witness Spectacular Growth
Jun 20, 2007

China's organic food market will witness spectacular growth as food horror stories are helping to cultivate sales in organic food sector in China.

"Food horror stories are helping to cultivate sales in organic food sector in China. The food safety scares are a definite driver of people's desire to buy organic, and I think that's true in urban China as much as it is in other parts of the world," said Paul Thiers, an associate professor at Washington State University, in the news published on Reuters.

With the buzz of toxins and unhygienic food, organically produced food appears to be the best and safest choice. Domestic market with an inclination towards organic produce is positively rising in China and amazingly exports have also increased this growth.

Sales grew by expected 50 percent previous year, but actually most of the organic produce of China is exported. In the first quarter of current year, imports of fresh fruit from China increased to $7.4 million by 279%, fresh vegetables increased $32 million by 66%; and vegetable and fruit juices increased to $109 million by 98%. Numbers of shops dealing in organic food have come up in Shanghai, Beijing, and other cities, and all the main supermarkets have also started offering organic vegetables, fruits, meat and washing up liquid.

As indicated by the President, Hu Jintao's appeal for superior efforts to increase organic farming in country, it is evident that Beijing is concerned about food & consumer safety.

Industry experts considers that "Grow local and eat local" is an approach that can lead to reduction in the price of organic foodstuffs and in lessening the impact on atmosphere, according to a spokesperson of 'Greenpeace China'. The organization has established aim of encouraging local organic food sales in China.

"Organic food sector has undergone spectacular development in recent years. China is a major producer of organic food and organic food utilization has enormous growth potential in Chinese market. Middle-class inhabitants of metros like Shanghai and Beijing are people most probable to purchase organic food. Marketable encouragement, and an uprise in disposable income are causative to increasing curiosity about healthier food alternative," said a research analyst at

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