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Romanian Car Industry Shifts Into Higher Gear
May 01, 2007

As per the automobile industry experts, till some years back, automobile industry was an immature domain on the outer edges of Sibiu, a medieval city of Romania.

At present, it harbors a well build plant for Takata Corporation, a car parts manufacturer from Japan. Dodu is the director of Romanian plant of Takata Corporation for strategic production planning.

In spite of worldwide overcapacity, vehicles makers throughout Romania are boosting production and fuelling the automobile parts business for companies similar to Takata. Romania's low salary of 400 US dollar a month compare with 620 US dollar in Slovakia and 890 US dollar in the Czech Republic, both local strongholds in the automotive industry.

In central & Eastern Europe, Romania ranked as 6th largest carmaker. It manufactured 175,000 cars in 2005, slightly less than Slovenia and Slovakia. The region's top carmaker, Russia, produced more than one million vehicles.

The car production in Romanian is mainly dominated by the Renaults Dacia plant, which produces Logan brand cars, and its annual car production capacity is 170,000. But its rival, Daewoo Automobile Romania will take over the small automakers and the Renault's may lose its supremacy.

Romania's revolution has gained velocity and anticipates foreign direct investment (FDI) to go up by 44% to a record 9.6 billion US dollar by the end of 2006. In the beginning of 2006, the World Bank told that Romania is the world's 2nd fastest country undergoing reformation.

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