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August Lift: Korean Cars Take The Unit Sales Of GM Europe High
May 01, 2007

The group's European branch, General Motors Europe informed on 7th September 2006,that the rising demand for low-cost Korea-built Chevrolets assisted in raising its unit sales for August.

According to the company, despite an overall growth in previous month of less than one percent, its sales rose by 6.8 % (116,134 vehicles), whereas, sales of Saab fell by 1.9% (3,836 cars) and Opel and Vauxhall (sister-brand of Opel) show a growth of 3.3% (84,909 units) in sales.

However, the major factor behind the strong performance of General Motors Europe, was a profit of 21.8% in sales of models, like well-known Chevy Matiz that was formerly sold under Daewoo, a Korean brand and placed below the huge market semi-premium Saab brand & Opel.

Last month, Chevrolet’s sales reached the figure of 27,131. In the starting 8 months, GME sales increased just by 0.5% (1.34 million units), preceding a 3.1% profit in the total market because of weak performance by Opel.

Korean carmakers said that a combined 4.7% gain in August sales was due to higher exports. In August, the concerted sale of vehicles of Korea's 5 carmakers was 398,453 against 380,716 of last year. Exports were up by 6.4% to 309,602 vehicles last month, with domestic sales down by 1.1% to 88,851.

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