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Toyota to Set-up Automotive Technology Training Institute in India
Apr 09, 2007

Toyota is acting proactive to capture the market of small passenger cars in India. So it has decided to establish a technical institute in Bangalore for training in automotive technology.

On March 23,2007, Toyota, the Japanese automobile company, declared launching of technical institute to give training in automotive technology in Bangalore to students who can’t afford higher studies, as per news published in

In the company statement published in
Hindu, the institute would be named as “Toyota Technical Training Institute (TTTI)” and it would provide training in 'Monozukuri' which is skilled manufacturing, to those cadre of students who are brilliant but can’t pursue higher education because of financial constrains.

The motivational factors for Toyota to establish institute in India were easy availability of engineers, aggressive competition in manufacturing, strong native machine tools and tooling industry, and the presence of reliable Tier 2 and Tier 3 component vendors within the nation.

As per industry experts, India is budding as the commerce hub for fortune 500 and multinational companies. Automobile companies like Toyota are setting up their manufacturing units and training centers to benefit from this situation and it is good for Indian economy as well.

Market share of Toyota car in Indian car market is almost 4%. Easy financing options and shifting lifestyles are increasing the demand for small passenger car, consequently further propelling the demand for Toyota cars. Toyota is positive about grabbing more market share in future.  Moreover, Indian government has also encouraged Toyota to produce cost- effective, affordable, fuel-efficient and customer-friendly car which would satisfy the growing demand and needs of consumer of small passenger cars in the country and can be exported to escalate India’s ranking in global market as automobile producer.

As per the research analyst at
RNCOS, the automobile industry is intense, well-segmented and anticipating huge growth owing to favorable economic conditions in India. Toyota, at present, has a relatively small market share in passenger car segment, however, market share is expected to grow as a result of strategies implemented by Toyota. Establishment of training center by Toyota in India would lead to in-house generation of technical experts required by the production company in addition of creating and providing employment opportunities.

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